Disco Stu will NOT be at the V Club tonite!

As part of The V Club's This Ain't No Disco DJ series, host Brett Fuller (aka Franklin Fuckin' Furnace) welcomes Attack Flamingo drummer Sam Hodge (aka Sir-Boy) -- himself admittedly NOT a DJ, more an IDM/glitch pop influenced electronic artist -- to the V tonight for his first live performance in over two years.

We caught up with Hodge to see what was up...

WVRockscene: Have you not played out in a few years? Are you anxious at all to get back out there?
Sam Hodge: It's been almost two years. My last show was April 10, 2009... Good Friday haha. The concentration has been on finishing quality tracks and becoming a musician at the next level. I'm very anxious to present some of my latest work.. nervous, but excited.

rockscene: I've read that you have finished up new songs? How has your approach to making music changed over the past two years, if at all, and how much new material do you have?
Hodge: I spent about 5-6 months "off the grid" so to speak. I spent that time creating a whole new soundtrack for the classic silent film - Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror. That was a tremendous learning experience and I do plan to release the DVD soon. After this was done, I was just ready to start making cool electro again.

The hard copy for A Fantastic Booty Machine will be ready in a few weeks. The online sales of the album were slow so it took a while to get interest in the hardcopy. The approach is very similar in song construction but I'm making a promise to myself to do a lot more vocals. The newest stuff is very futuristic in the 80's sense :)

rockscene: For the H-D article we did you mentioned the different vibe between a crowd that might go to a rock show and a crowd that might go to a DJ set; how cool is it to have Brett Fuller's series at the V to spotlight DJs?
Hodge: I'm excited to be playing for a crowd more tailored to this specific kind of music. I'm nervous because I'm not a "DJ" and I'm not sure what they'll be expecting. Being that I'm an electronic artist, they will be getting original, not-so-typical sounding music. Hopefully they dig it.

On a side note, it's very funny that I met Brett Fuller at a screening of the soundtrack I did for Nosferatu. The Bad Employees hosted that at their apartment so... the connection was a happy coincidence.

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flyer: Jimbo Valentine/Amalgam Unlimited

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