The Last Southern Souls Show (REPOST)

Bud Carroll and the Southern Souls play their last show Saturday. Below is a reposted bulletin from the group about the show, and their CD/DVD release

Bud Carroll and the Southern Souls will be reuniting for a one shot deal Nov 21st at Shamrock's in Huntington.

We will be using our farewell show to release our record (for which at this time have no idea the title of) coupled with a DVD of our show at the Paramount Theater last year. The record was produced by Eddie Ashworth of Sublime, Pennywise, and Jeff Ellis fame.

If you've been wondering what happened to us, it's ok...we have too.

Bud and Jimmy are playing in Bud's new solo band and it fuckin rules of course, brother John flew the coup to Nashville to initiate his total world domination...and to actually play bass, and Steve was taken into the witness protection program (because, well, he...he knew things) but has recently been sighted in the Lesage area.

So if you ever wanted to see this band play...and maybe get a record and DVD...this is your last chance to dance trance baby....so see ya there.

-Sweatpants Mcgee

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ed. note -- We also hear that Carroll will be at the Glass 12.4, releasing the CD, just not sure if that's a Souls show or not. Who knows? This could be one of those strategically planned "hiatuses" that bands do, just to set the stage for the huge reunion tour. Either way, you should check out Carroll in whatever form he takes.

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