New music roundup!

We like keeping tabs on who's doing what as it relates to new songs and CDs and stuff. A few bands that we really dig have posted new songs off upcoming releases on their MySpace pages, and we thought we'd clue you into the goings on...

First, J Marinelli has posted "Rebel Without Applause" and "She's My Cheerwine" much to our delight. If you haven't heard "Pity the Party," "Keep It Fake" or even "Stone-age Kicks" now may be the time to get in the groove with this one-man caveman of a band from Morgantown: he's soon moving to Kentucky with his significant other. Don't cry yet, though -- you can see him in Morgantown and even in Charleston at the Glass 6.13.

The Emergency has uploaded "Soaking Up The Scene" and "Misunderstood Goddamn". The songs are off their upcoming eponymous eight-song release, which they recorded in the studio of Librarians guitarist Ryan Hizer. Check out the trippy delay on the vocals in "Soaking" and get "The Emergency" tatted up on ya now -- the band is soon going on an indefinite hiatus, according to singer-guitarist Rob Wehrle. That sucks, but their music rocks. Check 'em out.

Our friends in Morgantown's Red Bones have taken some nuggs they recorded in their cabin in Fayette Co. and plugged 'em in. Check out the swinging grunge-esque groove of "I Liked You Better" and "Singin' For The Ghost" and yes, WVRockscene on MySpace has the exclusive unreleased (but of course, authorized -- thanks, Derek) version of "Miracles And Tragedies" from the band birthed out of the side of The Ones That Got Away. But now that TOTGA is "Over and Done With" we'd look forward to hearing a CD from these guys.

Out in Shepherdstown (which, from what we've heard, may soon secede to Maryland) The Demon Beat has posted "Memory Ain't Enough" onto their MySpace. Just a bit of a teaser off an EP the guys are working on, which should be cool. Check 'em out if yer out that way.

Some of these songs, you can download. Others (The Emergency) you can't, and that's alright. Check out the bands and rock the tunes, then pay us $50!

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