We just heard that Huntington's Jeff Ellis is going back into the studio to again work with Eddie Ashworth on the follow-up to last year's "A Front Seat for the End of the World" and, if the results are anything like that CD, it should be rockin' indeed.

Rod Lanham from Caustic Eye, who has released previous Ellis CDs, told us that Ellis would be refining his sound into a more coherent folk-rock, as opposed to what was thought to be too many divergent styles or a "wall of sound" on "Front Seat" according to people in the industry.

I thought "Front Seat" was epic, and if the people in the industry couldn't find a way to market it, that's their problem. Kind of like David Cross going off about Fox not being able to market the ill-fated but hugely popular comedy series, Arrested Development.

But whatever happens, the CD will again feature Bud Carroll on guitar and Ellis' GCW bandmate Phil James. Look for something around Summer and check out Ellis' latest blog for more info.

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